Reflection of Learning Activity 2

I must admit that i usually enter the assignment question into the search box in google hoping to find relevant information but the information collected are sometimes bulky and are not what i expected to find. It is difficult to master the skills at once but i am slowly learning through practicing.

This particular ePortfolio activity was completed with the understanding of formulating  search strategies and using the search tools to find relevant information on the world wide web. Citing sources in APA style was also part of this activity.


The search engines used include:

- Britannica online Encyclopedia

- MetaCrawler Advanced search

-MetaCrawler Basic search and

- ProQuest basic searc

One feature of Britannica that was useful in the search is;

-          The A-Z directory.

The term "Global Warming" was typed in the search box of the A-Z directory and the results were produced. There was a preview of each result on the right side of the page which was helpful in determining whether the result was worthit or not.

Furthermore, the feature of ProQuest Basic Search that was useful is;

-          The option of searching for the full text or the peer review. By selecting the peer review option, one is assured that the article is the most relevant since it is reviewed by the authors peers who are actually expert in the subject matter. Furthermore, the option of searching through various database is provided by the ProQuest search engine. That is, by searching through each database, one is able to read and gain insights about the subject matter from various point of view such as the social sciences and the business and economics point of view.

And finally, the one feature of MetaCrawler that was useful is;

-          The ability of this particular search engine to search all other search engine such as, Google, Yahoo and Bing and the search results indicates the search engine where it was found. It was helpful to identify where the results are found.