Reflection of Learning Activity 3

The skills, knownledge and understanding acquired from Topics 8 and 9 (Library website and Catalogue & Searching databases and Managing references using the APA format) were used to complete this particular ePortfolio task.

The Laucala Library Catalogue was used to complete this particular task which involves peforming search using the 5 search functions such as the Quick, Title, Author, Subject and Advanced search. The basic search was the most frequent search engine used to identify the resource material that is available in the Library such as book and the video recording. Furthermore, the ProQuest publication search was used to identify the published journal articles.

The two features of ProQuest database that were helpful are:

1. The publication search- The search produced the exact title of the required journals.

2. The option of browsing through the dates - once the required journal has been identified, the relevant volume and issues of the relevant publised were then found by browsing through the dates.

But, internet connection is required to search the ProQuest database.

Finally, the two features of the laucala Library Catalogue that were helpful are:

1. The library catalogue is not limited to only books and articles but also contain audio visual format that was helpful in identifying the video recording.

2. The library catalogue include the holding section which shows the call number of the resources to be identified on the shelves, the status of the resoruces whether it is available or on loan as well as the collection, whether it is s General resource or a reference resource.

However, the library catalogue lack the option of searching for the Journal Title and one has to search the article title title instead.