Reflection of Learning Activity 5

This particular ePortfolio activity was achieved with the skills and knowledge of Microsoft Excel.

A bulk data was given on a student survey done in USA on student interent involvement however it was quite difficult to see the trends hence the Pivot table was used to sort and separate the data into groups.

The pivot table was helpful in displaying the responses of the students surveyed for their internet involvment across all the states in USA as well as all the student ages. Thus, it is more easier  to check the internet involvement of students at different ages and states or in other words, one is able to filter the information to view only the ones that are relevant.

In addition, the pivot chart was helpful in displaying the number of female and male students with their internet involvement.

Finally on the summary sheet, the pivot table was used to answer certain questions. The final questions were answered by copying the Gender column and pasting onto a different cell and sorting the data. After this, numbers were assigned to both the male and female. That is, 1 represents the male and 2 represents the female. Finally the COUNTIF function was used to find the total number of students participants and the number of female participants.

This particular activity was interesting and very helpful.