Reflection of Activity 4

This particular eportfolio activity (#4) reflects the skills and knowledge that i have gained from Topic 10-Evaluating Information.

It was quite difficult at first to try and answer the questions associated with each of the criteria but i did manage to answer the questions. That is, by doing these activities, i was able to realize that it is important to evaluate the information carefully in order to identify the best information resources to be used in writing assignments.

The information resources were evaluated using the START criteria- I was able to single out the what the author is writing about, whether the author's point of views are balanced, use of  references indicating unbiasness, whether the author has the credentials or expertise to write the article, the target audience and the timeliness of the article, whether it is outdated or recent.

After evaluating the two information resources, i was able to select one information resource which i think is relevant in terms of its scope, treatment, authority, relevance and timeliness to be used.

This is a helpful activity which will help me to identify the best information resources in the future.