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My name is John Doe and I am  a part time student currently doing my final postgraduate unit which is a Supervised Research Project for the Master of Education at the University of the South Pacific. This postgraduate programme is based within the School of Education, a leading centre of teaching and research in the South Pacific region. Before embarking on this research unit, I had completed one postgraduate unit with the University of Southern Queensland and five other postgraduate units from the University of the South Pacific. I currently am working full time as an Instructional Designer with the Centre for Flexible Learning and have been attached to USP's school of law for the last 7 years. 

Research Interests

I am interested in the use of ePortfolios for learning and assessment and am particularly interested in the use of ePortfolos for language learning. This interest was sparked by my experience of teacher and employer frustrations with the standard of spoken and written English of some of our USP law graduates who had been through the available formal English education. With the research, I hope to explore new models and strategies for informal learning of English through the use of ePortfolios and other technologies to supplement the formal teaching that is currently in place at USP.

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