Reflection of Learning Activity 1

The eportfolio activity was completed with the understanding and knowedge about the ICT tools available and accessible on Campus and Off campus, the hardwares and softwares, turnitin and Mahara. 

Intially, the ICT tools available and accesible at the USP campuses are not limited to:

- Moodle, REACT, Mahara, Turnitin, student Personal share,

Furthermore, the knowledge of computers, softwares and hardwares is essential  to purchase the right software and harware corresponding to usage. For instance, i am required to use the MIcrosoft office 2007 to create documents and spreadsheets hence i need to make sure the software is compatible with the XP operating system that i am using and whether there is sufficient memory to install the neccessary softwares to maintain the operation of the Microsoft office word. The same concept acquired here was helpful when applied to the eportfolio activity. That is, selecting the best smartphone in the market and the best anti-virus after considering  their specifications and requirements. Hence, Samsung Galaxy 3 was selected as the best smartphone on the market and Bitdefender Anti-virus Plus was the best antivirus. 

Finally, i was  familiar with Mahara and was able to create a UU100 learning journey page on Mahara to display the assessment activities of UU100 topics and in addition, i was also able to use Turnitin to check for  similarities in the works submitted and i believe i will always be remainded of the significance of turnitin which are:
-  promoting and encouraging orginality, and
- Protecting intellectual rights such as preventing unauthorized users from submitting pieces of work that isn't theirs.