Being a student, we are constantly required to carry out research in order to successfully complete an assignment. In order to effectively decide which information resource to use and which not to, one needs to carefully evaluate each information resource.

There are various reasons for evaluating an information resource. Firstly, information that is available on the web can be published by anyone as it is open when it comes to publishing and there is no guarantee that the author is a learned person with considerable expertise in the topic of interest. If the author is just a common person with no extra knowledge on the topic than you have, then the information in the resource may not be completely accurate nor true or credible. Using such information for research purposes could affect the quality of information that you present in your assignment.

Secondly, not all information resources are constantly updated to reflect changes in knowledge on the topic. For instance, the science field makes new inventions almost every other day and books published in 2000 may not include all of these discoveries. Students should evaluate information to ensure it is not outdated and will provide current or recent ideas on the topic of interest.

Additionally, it is not certain that whatever information resources you retrieve fully cover the topic that you are researching on. Some articles or books may have a keyword of the assignment topic in its title but the entire article may be about something else. Therefore, one must be sure that everything written in the article is of use in the assignment and would prove to be an appropriate information resource.

In all, this activity has taught me how to critically and carefully evaluate information resources to identify which resource would be appropriate to use for an assignment and how to synthesise information in academic writing. The skills acquired in this activity will undoubtedly be of great use in my future studies at tertiary as I would be able to make careful choices when deciding on whether a resource is authentic and credible or not.