This eportfolio activity has taught me how to effectively use the features of excel to create effective reports and spreadsheets. Upon completion of Topic 12, I learnt how to apply formulas and functions to analyse the information that has been created from presented data. Additionally, I acquired the skills of creating pivot tables and pivot charts of which I had never heard of until the completion of topic 12 and eportfolio activity 5. The skills of creating different forms of graphs and charts were also acquired.

The features of MS excel for report designing that made the completion of this activity possible were:

  • Automatic creation of pivot tables and pivot charts once relevant cell data have been indicated.
  • In-built functions which made it possible to evaluate the information from the data presented in the tables and charts that were created.
  • The features available for formatting a chart to include labels and legends as well as titles also made reports attractive and comprehensive.

Excel has many other features that can be used for report designing such as ability to include numerous worksheets in a single workbook, adding additional rows and columns as well as adjusting column width as per the length of text.

Overall, this activity has helped me acquire essential skills of report designing using tools such as MS excel which makes work easier and these skills would undoubtedly prove to be of use even after we finish tertiary education.