This eportfolio activity was based on the skills and knowledge obtained from topics 7 and 13. Topic 7 was based on presentaion reports whereby students were introduced to a web-based tool known as Prezi that could be used to make creative presentations. I obtained skills on how to effectively navigate the Prezi tool and utilise all of its features to create powerful presentaions. 

Topic 13 dealt with computer crimes and computer ethics which increased my knowledge on the various computer related crimes that surround us and how we, as individuals, could make ethical use of computers that we require almost everyday.

With knowledge on computer crimes and skills on the use of Prezi, this eportfolio activity could be completed with ease and previous knowledge from other topics were also applied to search for additional information that could be used in the presentation.

Overall, this activity has helped strengthen my knowlede and skills in making presentaion reports  that are not just creative, but are effective in spreading awareness or information.