This learning activity taught me how to access and use the ICT resources at USP both on-campus and off-campus and allowed me to effectively use the various services provided by each ICT tool. Some of the tools of ICT at USP are:

  • Student Online Services (SOLS)
  • Student Webmail with Google Apps
  • StudeNet
  • TurnItIn
  • Mahara

Each of these tools serves a different yet important purpose in making a USP student's life a meaningful experience. It assists in creating ePortfolios, submitting authentic work by testing it for plagiarism first, provides free online student information system service that allows all USP students to view, edit, and manage their student information efficiently and also contains a full-featured learning system.

Furthermore, this learning activity helped me to identify and use different features of a computer system. I learnt the various parts that make up the hardware components of a computer system such as the CPU, the processor, the monitor and other peripheral devices. Additionally, it taught me about the software systems making up a computer system. I have learnt that the Operating System is a vital background software without which a system cannot function. Anti-virus softwares are another type of software that protects the computer system from threats.

Overall, this learning activity has proved to be a beneficial experience for me as a UU100 student since now I am more aware of how to utilise USP's resources to the maximum and also of what to look for in terms of hardware and software when purchasing a computer system.