This ePortfolio Activity required us to use different web search tools such as search engines, meta-search engines and subject directories to locate information resources through the application of various search techniques.

For the first resource, an online encyclopedia article providing background information on global warming, I chose the Google Web Basic Search tool as background information is something that can be easily found on many sites and results including encyclopedia articles would also be part of it. One feature of this search tool which is very helpful is that it allows the use of various search strategies such as phrase searching, Boolean operators and truncation and this assisted me in the search process by making my search more accurate.

Furthermore, I chose the Google Web Advanced Search tool to locate the second resource, a government website providing empirical evidence of global warming, as it allows one to make their search as accurate as possible and since we needed only governmental websites, this would have been a hard task with basic search tools. One feature that makes Google Advanced Search very helpful is the accomodation of various limiters and other search strategies such as Boolean operators and phrase searching although it uses different terms such as "All these words" to imply those strategies. This feature assisted me in limiting my search results to only government websites by stating only .gov domains as a limiter.

Moreover, I chose the meta-search engine Dogpile to locate the third resource, an online magazine article presenting controversial perspective on global warming as it would collate results from major search engines of Yahoo, Google and so forth. This is also a very helpful feature of Dogpile since the user does not have to search all search engines. Additionally, Dogpile accomodates the use of Advanced search features and this assisted me by  allowing me to apply various Boolean operators under fields such as "None of these words" to present an accurate search strategy.

Finally, the search engine Bing was used to locate an online news article on the impact of global warming on low lying Pacific Islands because of its ability to accomodate all sorts of search techniques and strategies. This is also its helpful feature as one does not need advanced search options to limit their search but could instead apply it to the single search box provided. This feature assisted me in applying strategies such as truncation and synonyms together with phrase searching and Boolean operators so as to retrieve a greater amount of relevant results.

In all, this ePortfolio activity has assisted me in better understanding the structure of information and identifying appropriate search tools and strategies and techniques to use in order to locate relevant information resources.This skill would undoubtedly prove to be a valuable asset for our future education journey.