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Hey there, I am Sonam and welcome to my Mahara Eportfolio page. The sole purpose of this page is to display the progress of my Learning Activities and show whatever I have achieved during the ardent journey.

I am looking forward to a spectacular learning journey in this unit  Smile

  • First name: Sonam
  • Last name: Kumar
  • Town: Suva
  • Country: Fiji
  • Occupation: Student
  • Industry: University of the South Pacific

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Cover letter

My name is Sonam Kumar and I am a first year student at the University of the South Pacific. I am currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Commerce degree program doing a double major in Accounting and Finance.


  • Reading
  • Movies
  • Sleeping
  • Chocolates
  • Socialising

Personal information

Date of birth 2 April 1993
Place of birth Suva
Citizenship Fiji Citizen
Gender identity Woman
Marital status Single


Personal goals

To become a very successful and independent person in life.

Academic goals

To acquire good grades and successfully complete my Bachelor's degree.

Career goals

To get a good job with a favourable pay so that I can lead a happy and carefree life :)


Personal skills
  • Good communication skills
  • Critical and analytical thinker
  • Open Minded
  • Logical
  • Friendly
Academic skills
  • Fast learner
  • Good listener
  • Team player
  • Pro-effecient linguistic skills
  • Elite thinker
  • Perceptive
  • Analytical
Work skills
  • Finishes given task on time
  • Manage time sparingly
  • Can do last minute work effeciently
  • Able to cope with stress well


Education history

Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Primary School
1999 - 2006

Mahatma Gandhi Memorial High School
2007 - 2010

College of Foundation Studies, University of the South Pacific
2011 - 2011

University of the South Pacific

Certifications, accreditations and awards

Certificate of Distinction in Australian English Competiton
National Highest in Fiji Intermediate Examination
National Highest in Fiji Eigth Year Examination
National Highest in Fiji Junior Certificate Examination
Recipient of the J.P. Bayley Trust Award
Recipient of the Pacific Academic Excellence Award Scholarship

Creative Commons license


My ePortfolio Activity 1 folder contains files that reflect my learning skills for Topic 1, Topic 2 and Topic 3. I have demonstrated how ICT tools are useful in my education and related it to other aspects of my life outside of USP.




This learning activity taught me how to access and use the ICT resources at USP both on-campus and off-campus and allowed me to effectively use the various services provided by each ICT tool. Some of the tools of ICT at USP are:

  • Student Online Services (SOLS)
  • Student Webmail with Google Apps
  • StudeNet
  • TurnItIn
  • Mahara

Each of these tools serves a different yet important purpose in making a USP student's life a meaningful experience. It assists in creating ePortfolios, submitting authentic work by testing it for plagiarism first, provides free online student information system service that allows all USP students to view, edit, and manage their student information efficiently and also contains a full-featured learning system.

Furthermore, this learning activity helped me to identify and use different features of a computer system. I learnt the various parts that make up the hardware components of a computer system such as the CPU, the processor, the monitor and other peripheral devices. Additionally, it taught me about the software systems making up a computer system. I have learnt that the Operating System is a vital background software without which a system cannot function. Anti-virus softwares are another type of software that protects the computer system from threats.

Overall, this learning activity has proved to be a beneficial experience for me as a UU100 student since now I am more aware of how to utilise USP's resources to the maximum and also of what to look for in terms of hardware and software when purchasing a computer system.


Smartphone - iPhone 4s Review



Antivirus Software



My ePortfolio Activity 2 folder contains files that reflect my learning skills for Topic 5 and Topic 6. I have demonstrated how effective search strategies are formulated to locate relevant information on the Web by applying appropriate techniques after analysing the structure of information.




This ePortfolio Activity required us to use different web search tools such as search engines, meta-search engines and subject directories to locate information resources through the application of various search techniques.

For the first resource, an online encyclopedia article providing background information on global warming, I chose the Google Web Basic Search tool as background information is something that can be easily found on many sites and results including encyclopedia articles would also be part of it. One feature of this search tool which is very helpful is that it allows the use of various search strategies such as phrase searching, Boolean operators and truncation and this assisted me in the search process by making my search more accurate.

Furthermore, I chose the Google Web Advanced Search tool to locate the second resource, a government website providing empirical evidence of global warming, as it allows one to make their search as accurate as possible and since we needed only governmental websites, this would have been a hard task with basic search tools. One feature that makes Google Advanced Search very helpful is the accomodation of various limiters and other search strategies such as Boolean operators and phrase searching although it uses different terms such as "All these words" to imply those strategies. This feature assisted me in limiting my search results to only government websites by stating only .gov domains as a limiter.

Moreover, I chose the meta-search engine Dogpile to locate the third resource, an online magazine article presenting controversial perspective on global warming as it would collate results from major search engines of Yahoo, Google and so forth. This is also a very helpful feature of Dogpile since the user does not have to search all search engines. Additionally, Dogpile accomodates the use of Advanced search features and this assisted me by  allowing me to apply various Boolean operators under fields such as "None of these words" to present an accurate search strategy.

Finally, the search engine Bing was used to locate an online news article on the impact of global warming on low lying Pacific Islands because of its ability to accomodate all sorts of search techniques and strategies. This is also its helpful feature as one does not need advanced search options to limit their search but could instead apply it to the single search box provided. This feature assisted me in applying strategies such as truncation and synonyms together with phrase searching and Boolean operators so as to retrieve a greater amount of relevant results.

In all, this ePortfolio activity has assisted me in better understanding the structure of information and identifying appropriate search tools and strategies and techniques to use in order to locate relevant information resources.This skill would undoubtedly prove to be a valuable asset for our future education journey.


Global Warming Video


My ePortfolio Activity 3 folder contains files that reflect my learning skills for Topic 8 and Topic 9. I have demonstrated how formulating effective search strategies to retrieve resources from the web and the library catalogue as well as the online database ProQuest subscribed by USP can be useful in my education and how it has helped me develop better research skills.




This ePortfolio Activity required us to use the USP Laucala library catalogue and the online database ProQuest that USP is subscribed to to search for various resources presented to us in a reading list. This required the formulation of effective search strategies, considering the techniques supported by the search tools.

The Library catalogue has certain features that make it very helpful as a search tool. Firstly, it has an Alternative Subject Search Option which allows users to find at least one record relevant to the topic of search. This feature assisted me in completing my ePortfolio activity as we were required to find a link or resource relevant to the topic being searched for. The details of any resource include links to relevant resources on similar topics which made it easier for us to find a relevant resource. Secondly, the library catalogues Advanced Search option is another helpful feature. It assisted me in this activity by allowing me to make the search strategy as accurate as possible, and if even that did not retrieve the required result then an alternative search tool was used.

USP is subscribed to an online database ProQuest that contains tonnes of information to assist students with their studies at tertiary. As such, it has many helpful features. Firstly, it provides information about articles in the form of citations and abstracts as well as the full-text articles in pdf and/or html formats.This feature was very helpful as we did not have to look at the entire article to determine what it was about. Instead, a look at the abstract did the job. Also, the citations being readily provided in any bibliographic style required made completing the activity even easier. Secondly, it can focus on one subject or be multidisciplinary. This is also very helpful as students could simply search all databases if they were not sure which specific database to select and the results list would indicate the specific subject area the information was taken from.

Despite the above helpful features, both the search tools had certain features that were unhelpful. The Library catalogue does not include titles of articles and authors of articles in journals or edited books. This feature makes research harder as usually a specific article in a journal or book is being searched for hence students first have to locate the journal or edited book and then locate the article in the journal or book. The online database ProQuest sometimes cannot be accessed off-campus thus it becomes a hindrance to effective research. This was very unhelpful as we could not finish our ePortfolios off campus and had to come to campus to access ProQuest.

 In all, this ePortfolio activity has taught us effective research skills and of the various search tools that can utilised that will be very useful not just in this course, but in our future studies as well.


Laucala Library Catalogue


ProQuest Database


Global Warming



My ePortfolio Activity 4 folder contains files that reflect my learning skills for Topic 10. I have demonstrated how critically evaluating information resources and synthesising information in academic writing can be useful for reasearch and assignment purposes as students are better able to distinguish appropriate resources from inappropriate resources and use appropriate referencing tools  to cite the resource.




Being a student, we are constantly required to carry out research in order to successfully complete an assignment. In order to effectively decide which information resource to use and which not to, one needs to carefully evaluate each information resource.

There are various reasons for evaluating an information resource. Firstly, information that is available on the web can be published by anyone as it is open when it comes to publishing and there is no guarantee that the author is a learned person with considerable expertise in the topic of interest. If the author is just a common person with no extra knowledge on the topic than you have, then the information in the resource may not be completely accurate nor true or credible. Using such information for research purposes could affect the quality of information that you present in your assignment.

Secondly, not all information resources are constantly updated to reflect changes in knowledge on the topic. For instance, the science field makes new inventions almost every other day and books published in 2000 may not include all of these discoveries. Students should evaluate information to ensure it is not outdated and will provide current or recent ideas on the topic of interest.

Additionally, it is not certain that whatever information resources you retrieve fully cover the topic that you are researching on. Some articles or books may have a keyword of the assignment topic in its title but the entire article may be about something else. Therefore, one must be sure that everything written in the article is of use in the assignment and would prove to be an appropriate information resource.

In all, this activity has taught me how to critically and carefully evaluate information resources to identify which resource would be appropriate to use for an assignment and how to synthesise information in academic writing. The skills acquired in this activity will undoubtedly be of great use in my future studies at tertiary as I would be able to make careful choices when deciding on whether a resource is authentic and credible or not.


START Criteria


Information Cycle



My ePortfolio Activity 5 folder contains files that reflect my learning skills for Topic 12. I have demonstrated how standard applications such as Microsoft Excel can be used to create spreadsheets when provided with certain data. I have also demonstrated how random data can be organised to give meaningful information that can be used for analysis. The tools of excel were used to translate or structure the data given.




This eportfolio activity has taught me how to effectively use the features of excel to create effective reports and spreadsheets. Upon completion of Topic 12, I learnt how to apply formulas and functions to analyse the information that has been created from presented data. Additionally, I acquired the skills of creating pivot tables and pivot charts of which I had never heard of until the completion of topic 12 and eportfolio activity 5. The skills of creating different forms of graphs and charts were also acquired.

The features of MS excel for report designing that made the completion of this activity possible were:

  • Automatic creation of pivot tables and pivot charts once relevant cell data have been indicated.
  • In-built functions which made it possible to evaluate the information from the data presented in the tables and charts that were created.
  • The features available for formatting a chart to include labels and legends as well as titles also made reports attractive and comprehensive.

Excel has many other features that can be used for report designing such as ability to include numerous worksheets in a single workbook, adding additional rows and columns as well as adjusting column width as per the length of text.

Overall, this activity has helped me acquire essential skills of report designing using tools such as MS excel which makes work easier and these skills would undoubtedly prove to be of use even after we finish tertiary education. 


MS Excel


Pivot Table Video


My ePortfolio Activity 6 folder contains files that reflect my learning skills for Topics 7 and 13. I have demonstrated how emerging web-based technology can be used for educational and social purposes such as raising awareness of serious issues such as cyber-crimes. Standard applications were used to create presentations and appropriate techniques formulated to locate relevant information.




This eportfolio activity was based on the skills and knowledge obtained from topics 7 and 13. Topic 7 was based on presentaion reports whereby students were introduced to a web-based tool known as Prezi that could be used to make creative presentations. I obtained skills on how to effectively navigate the Prezi tool and utilise all of its features to create powerful presentaions. 

Topic 13 dealt with computer crimes and computer ethics which increased my knowledge on the various computer related crimes that surround us and how we, as individuals, could make ethical use of computers that we require almost everyday.

With knowledge on computer crimes and skills on the use of Prezi, this eportfolio activity could be completed with ease and previous knowledge from other topics were also applied to search for additional information that could be used in the presentation.

Overall, this activity has helped strengthen my knowlede and skills in making presentaion reports  that are not just creative, but are effective in spreading awareness or information.




Prezi Interface


Video on Phishing Scams


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