Talofa and Halo olgeta, this page will display the assessment activities of UU100 for semester 2, 2012. 


This page will display my learning Journey for UU100 course, 2012. It is a Collection of my assessment tasks which is a reflection of the skills and knowledge acquired.



This page will display my learning journey for UU100 for semester 2 2012. It includes My ProFile InFormatiOn,  Introduction to each ePortfolio activity, the solution and a reflective summary of each activity and few personal pictures



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Talofa, my name is Peniana Patrick and i am currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Agriculture in Agribusiness  at the University of the South Pacific.

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Learning Activity 1

The eportfolio Activity 1 contains the reflections of my learning journey for Topics 1,2 and 3. This activity concerns with identifying the best smartphone and Antivirus. It has enabled me to use the ICT resources at USP both on Campus and Off Campus as well as knowing and understanding the different parts of a computer  and knowing the specifications of softwares which are helpful in selecting and purchasing the right software to use.



Reflection of Learning Activity 1

The eportfolio activity was completed with the understanding and knowedge about the ICT tools available and accessible on Campus and Off campus, the hardwares and softwares, turnitin and Mahara. 

Intially, the ICT tools available and accesible at the USP campuses are not limited to:

- Moodle, REACT, Mahara, Turnitin, student Personal share,

Furthermore, the knowledge of computers, softwares and hardwares is essential  to purchase the right software and harware corresponding to usage. For instance, i am required to use the MIcrosoft office 2007 to create documents and spreadsheets hence i need to make sure the software is compatible with the XP operating system that i am using and whether there is sufficient memory to install the neccessary softwares to maintain the operation of the Microsoft office word. The same concept acquired here was helpful when applied to the eportfolio activity. That is, selecting the best smartphone in the market and the best anti-virus after considering  their specifications and requirements. Hence, Samsung Galaxy 3 was selected as the best smartphone on the market and Bitdefender Anti-virus Plus was the best antivirus. 

Finally, i was  familiar with Mahara and was able to create a UU100 learning journey page on Mahara to display the assessment activities of UU100 topics and in addition, i was also able to use Turnitin to check for  similarities in the works submitted and i believe i will always be remainded of the significance of turnitin which are:
-  promoting and encouraging orginality, and
- Protecting intellectual rights such as preventing unauthorized users from submitting pieces of work that isn't theirs.


Learning Activity 2

This file consists of activities that were done using the skills and knowledge gained from Topics 5 and 6 which are Fundamentals of Information; Search strategies and Searching for information online.

This particular ePortfolio actitivity concerns with using the different search engines to search for information on Global warming by developing and using effective search strategies to locate relevant information resources on the world wide web, the USP library Website and the Online databases subsribed to by USP..



Reflection of Learning Activity 2

I must admit that i usually enter the assignment question into the search box in google hoping to find relevant information but the information collected are sometimes bulky and are not what i expected to find. It is difficult to master the skills at once but i am slowly learning through practicing.

This particular ePortfolio activity was completed with the understanding of formulating  search strategies and using the search tools to find relevant information on the world wide web. Citing sources in APA style was also part of this activity.


The search engines used include:

- Britannica online Encyclopedia

- MetaCrawler Advanced search

-MetaCrawler Basic search and

- ProQuest basic searc

One feature of Britannica that was useful in the search is;

-          The A-Z directory.

The term "Global Warming" was typed in the search box of the A-Z directory and the results were produced. There was a preview of each result on the right side of the page which was helpful in determining whether the result was worthit or not.

Furthermore, the feature of ProQuest Basic Search that was useful is;

-          The option of searching for the full text or the peer review. By selecting the peer review option, one is assured that the article is the most relevant since it is reviewed by the authors peers who are actually expert in the subject matter. Furthermore, the option of searching through various database is provided by the ProQuest search engine. That is, by searching through each database, one is able to read and gain insights about the subject matter from various point of view such as the social sciences and the business and economics point of view.

And finally, the one feature of MetaCrawler that was useful is;

-          The ability of this particular search engine to search all other search engine such as, Google, Yahoo and Bing and the search results indicates the search engine where it was found. It was helpful to identify where the results are found.


Learning activity 3

This is a reflection of Topics 8 and 9 which involve learning about the USP website and Catalogue as well as searching the databases and managing references


Reflection of Learning Activity 3

The skills, knownledge and understanding acquired from Topics 8 and 9 (Library website and Catalogue & Searching databases and Managing references using the APA format) were used to complete this particular ePortfolio task.

The Laucala Library Catalogue was used to complete this particular task which involves peforming search using the 5 search functions such as the Quick, Title, Author, Subject and Advanced search. The basic search was the most frequent search engine used to identify the resource material that is available in the Library such as book and the video recording. Furthermore, the ProQuest publication search was used to identify the published journal articles.

The two features of ProQuest database that were helpful are:

1. The publication search- The search produced the exact title of the required journals.

2. The option of browsing through the dates - once the required journal has been identified, the relevant volume and issues of the relevant publised were then found by browsing through the dates.

But, internet connection is required to search the ProQuest database.

Finally, the two features of the laucala Library Catalogue that were helpful are:

1. The library catalogue is not limited to only books and articles but also contain audio visual format that was helpful in identifying the video recording.

2. The library catalogue include the holding section which shows the call number of the resources to be identified on the shelves, the status of the resoruces whether it is available or on loan as well as the collection, whether it is s General resource or a reference resource.

However, the library catalogue lack the option of searching for the Journal Title and one has to search the article title title instead.



Learning Activity 4

This particular eportfolio activity is about critically evaluating 2 information resources (A magazine article and a journal article)using the START criteria and finally selecting one that is appropriate for the research task.

S- Scope


A- Authority

R- Relevance

T- Timeliness

The file below contains my answers to this activity.




Learning Activity 5

This particular eportfolio activity was completed with the skills acquired from Topic 12 (Analytical Report) and the eportfolio activity required us to create a Pivot Table and a Chart in Microsoft Excel and answer certain questions.

The file below contains my answers to the ePortfolio activity 5 which is actually an word excel file.


Reflection of Activity 4

This particular eportfolio activity (#4) reflects the skills and knowledge that i have gained from Topic 10-Evaluating Information.

It was quite difficult at first to try and answer the questions associated with each of the criteria but i did manage to answer the questions. That is, by doing these activities, i was able to realize that it is important to evaluate the information carefully in order to identify the best information resources to be used in writing assignments.

The information resources were evaluated using the START criteria- I was able to single out the what the author is writing about, whether the author's point of views are balanced, use of  references indicating unbiasness, whether the author has the credentials or expertise to write the article, the target audience and the timeliness of the article, whether it is outdated or recent.

After evaluating the two information resources, i was able to select one information resource which i think is relevant in terms of its scope, treatment, authority, relevance and timeliness to be used.

This is a helpful activity which will help me to identify the best information resources in the future.



Reflection of Learning Activity 5

This particular ePortfolio activity was achieved with the skills and knowledge of Microsoft Excel.

A bulk data was given on a student survey done in USA on student interent involvement however it was quite difficult to see the trends hence the Pivot table was used to sort and separate the data into groups.

The pivot table was helpful in displaying the responses of the students surveyed for their internet involvment across all the states in USA as well as all the student ages. Thus, it is more easier  to check the internet involvement of students at different ages and states or in other words, one is able to filter the information to view only the ones that are relevant.

In addition, the pivot chart was helpful in displaying the number of female and male students with their internet involvement.

Finally on the summary sheet, the pivot table was used to answer certain questions. The final questions were answered by copying the Gender column and pasting onto a different cell and sorting the data. After this, numbers were assigned to both the male and female. That is, 1 represents the male and 2 represents the female. Finally the COUNTIF function was used to find the total number of students participants and the number of female participants.

This particular activity was interesting and very helpful.


Microsoft Excel


Learning Activity 6

This particular eportfolio activity deals with creating Prezi Presentation on a specific cyber crime and i have selected "IDENTITY THEFT "as the crime to be discussed. Microsoft office Powerpoint 2007 was used to create the presentation instead.

This particular activity is a reflection of the skills that i have acquired from creating presentations using the standard applications- Microsoft office powerpoint 2007 and Prezi.



Reflection of Learning Activity 6

The Microsoft Office powerpoint 2007 was used to create this particular presentation on IDENTITY THEFT, a cyber crime which is currently increasing because the ways our personal information are processed have changed due to the increasing use of the internet.

I have used certain skills acquired from the units in this course to complete this activity which include: applying techniques to develop search strategies to find revelant information resources online; used different search engines such as Google and ProQuest; using the Harvard system and Endnote manage the references- the references from google are entered mannually into Endnote while the references from ProQuest are exported into Endnote.

I have used the several features of Microsoft office powerpoint to complete this presentation and i must admit that it was fun when i have collected all the information and only needed to do the slides by designing and animating each slide.


Microsoft office Powerpoint



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