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Welcome to my authentic page of SOF02. This course sets the platform as a student to help steer education to another level.




SmileWelcome to my authentic page, my name is Joeli Nasa, 18 years of age and you are most graciously welcome to view my page. Im a first year student at the University of the South Pacific and Im privilleged to be studying Sociology.


Purpose of Page

Tongue OutNamaste, Bula, Mu Sa Cola Vina Riki.

The purpose of this page is help me get an insight of what MAHARA is all about and being updated with computer literacy works.  This is to equip students with the needed knowledge and competency in collaboration with the school academic system.



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Mu Sa Cola Vina Riki, Talofa, Malo'elelei, Namaste, and Hello

Welcome to my authentic page, this assignment provides all SOF02 studnets with an oppotunity to  challenege their learning and thinking capacity towards education. Feel free to add me as a friend and I'll be honoured to recieve it.

Vinaka, DanyavaadLaughing

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    Nadi Airport.
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  • Country: Fiji
  • First name: Joeli
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Mai Life (Resume)

Cover letter

Cola VIna Riki, Hello,

My name is Joeli Nasa, 19 years of age and currently I'm a first year student studying a Bachelor of Laws at the Univerisity of the South Pacific, Laucala campus.  

My passion includes advocay for equilty and justice. This year I have been a  volunteer for S.M. Koya law firm as a paralegal.  I also have some experiance in enviromnment conservation as being an active volunteer for Mareqeti Viti for the past years, such as partaking in cleaning up initiatives,  wallkathon and public education on sustainbale developments and sustainable usages of natural resources. 

I hope that my page shed some light on you readers in relation to the information and graphics posted.

Vinaka Smile



Im passionate about promoting equal rights in society. The theory of ferminism  is what Im and will always be interested in. Establishing equal status in society between men and women is of my keen interest.

Apart from this, my interest in terms of leisure activities includes swiming, farming, listening to classic music, travelling, learning new things and surfing the internet.

Vinaka Smile



Contact information

Postal address P.O.Box 9935
Nadi Airport.
Town Suva
City/region Suva
Country Fiji
Business phone 9742393
Home phone 6700529
Mobile phone 9742393

Personal information

Date of birth 25 June 1995
Place of birth Lautoka Hospital
Citizenship Fiji Islands
Visa status Fijian
Gender identity Man
Marital status Single


Personal goals

My personal goal involves the grasping of all needed knowldege inorder to develop and thrive in life. Being a young student, I believe that nothing is impossible if the heart is willing

My personal goal is to achieve great heights in everything that I part take in, whether it may be education, sports, religious, social or cultural practices. With faith and shear hardwork, it will happen, of which I desire to be a young graduate at the age of 22 in obtaining my degree.  

I believe that there is no barrier to eduactaion, and for what ever it takes, I will surely achieve my personal goals in life. "Let us do or die"


Academic goals


My academic goal includes passing all my current four units with  flying colours and have a lookrative grade at the end of the day.

I also strategies myself in acing all of my assignemnts of whether it is a new course or not and succeed in what I do.  As Lady Gaga, once said; " Confidence is Elegance"




Career goals

Growing up since childhood, I have always dreamt to be a lawyer. Therefore, I'm pursuing a degree in law majoring in Enviromental law.

I hope to study within the minimum years required to complete my degree and ensure to securely establish myself in one of the renowned national law firms in Fiji.





Personal skills
  • My personal skills inclued  Good commanding intrinsic skill,  playing sports, singing and cooking.


Academic skills

My academic skill involves good oral communication skill, perserivarance attitude, and the ability to articulte and share the grasped concepts of my subject field.

Work skills

My Working Skill includes proper time management, puntuality, and the ability to work long hours with minimal surpervision.


Employment history

The position of which I undertook while employed at McDonald's was an interesting position. The position fulfilled is simply to serve clients and ensuring they receive quality services with a Colgate smile portrayed 24/7. I grasped extremely a lot of new ideologies, and approaches to life and most importantly of how to live independently.

Education history

In the year 2012, I was fortunate enough to grasp a flying color (pass) qualification in my Fiji School Leaving Certificate Examination that enable my prompt acceptance in the University. The exam is undertaken by all sixth form students nation wide that provides the platform for all visionary students to attend a recognized University. I was then admitted to the Full Augmented Foundation Social Sciences program of which I graduated last December with a GPA of 4.06. Currently I'm pursuing my LLB degree program and hope to stamp my mark in the region when I graduate.

Certifications, accreditations and awards

In the year 2010, I fortunately achieved an A grade pass in my FJCE. This was one of the most memorable achievements in my life. I believe that the sky is the limit for anyone who wants to succeed in life.

Professional memberships

I was privileged to be a form prefect in 2010 while in form 5 and also a senior prefect in Form 6 where I was a dedicated member of my schools Student council.

Activity 1: Reflection

Upon reflecting my journey in carrying out the first activity. I personally have been blessed and honoured to be assgined with such a challenging, hectic yet productive and a rewarding project. The first activity required the research and investigation of a chosen theorist. Upon selecting my theorist (Karl Marx), I wasted no chance then to commence my findings. Fortunately, the SOF02 Course Book provided me with the relevant facts and details and also the internet which enabled me to acquire an image of my chosen theorist.  From my findings, I have come to comprehend how Karl Marx played a critical role in the field of sociology, especially as being one of the custodians who contributed to the growing acceptance of sociology in the 19th century.

Conversely, rough seas, steep mountains and bumpy rides are what I may describe my journey through MAHARA, yet in complying with the given procedures, I was able to enhance my computer skills and as well broaden my thinking capacity.

In doing what was required ( research of a theorist), I undertook group discussions and team collaboration. Honestly writing, I haven't been well versed and well equiped with computer literacy works. Therefore, I had to seek team help. This turned out successful at the end where all of my fellow collegues had collaborated and networked which resulted in a win - win basis (mutual benefits).

Through team collaboration, it made an enormous impact in the final outcome of the situation, where I was able to complete my first assigned activity and submit for sighting.

From the experiance, I have learnt about time management, of which I had to complete two other assignments and study of an MST. This experiance taught me to be balanced and dedicated to what is essential in life. I have eventually been able to utilize my intrinsic skills of being vocal and active during group discussions. I strongly believe with potential qualities, it can help an ordinary individual make a difference in society.

Vinaka, Danyavaad, Thank you so much. {#emotions_dlg.smile}



Activity 1: Theorist

Short Clip of Karls Theory.

Introductory Clip on Ebrary.


Ebrary provides the platform that can help students find relevant  journals of Sociology. As I have chosen this journal titiled "TAHITI Beyond the Postcard - Power, Place and Everyday Life" it has really captivated my interest. Since sociology is the study of 'society', I interestingly chose this journal from 'ebrary' because it discussed how the people of Tahiti lived there life during the primitive years uptill today. This applied journal also talks about how colonial powers ruled societies in Tahiti and how their influence have drastically affected the lives of the Tahitians. The last segment of the journal strucked me by surprise as the quotation states" E Aha Atu Ra" meaning 'what will happen'. Due to the French Government intervention and governance, although still governing today, the way of life of the Tahitians has drastically changed, this changes occurs in language, social strutures and standards of living. This journal provides SOF02 students an imaginative scenery to really look at how social structures in society is slowly breaking down due to outside forces.

Conversely, The title of this journal speaks volume itself, which was why I was in great keen to choose it apart from the many other journals available. Getting the opportunity to learn about how to use the ebrary and proquest has been an overwhelming experiance, especially in learning something totally different. Sociology has given me an insight to many incredible facts, theories, theorists and opportunities that are beyond explaination.Laughing

Source:  (http://site.ebrary.com.cache3.usp.ac.fj:2048/lib/uspfj/docDetail.action?docID=10456363)




Activity 2: Reflection.

As I reflect on my experiance while carrying out Activity 2, I'm proud to say that it has been an exciting, interesting and a helpful assignment while sailing through MAHARA. Honestly, at first it was hectic and really nerve wrecking, but with paitence, I fortunately updated and continued with my work.

Activity 2 required the use of the USP Library database for ebrary or proquest and selecting an online soure and later reflecting on it. On the 9th of September, we were so fourtunate to have a lab session with Mr Tevita Jitoko as he clearly explained and enlightend us on how to use MAHARA and sharpen our skills and knowlege on ways to carry out the activity.

In carrying out activity 2, my confindece level was greatly boosted by the facilitator (Mr Jitoko) and our SOF02 Lecturer (Mrs Manueli), hence, I was able to complete my activity 2 before hand and help my other collegues on ways to enhace their e - Portfolio page. Therefore, we worked as a team and thus the benefits were shared equally. Through this action of team work, it affected the final product of our activity  as we were able to fullfil all the requirments and submit for sighting.

From this experiance, I have come to learn so many incredible aspects of MAHARA and especially on online tools. I know that with this skill and knowledge, it will greatly boost my academic performance in the future. I have learnt to be helpful and paitent while using the computer as it takes time to boot its operations and also be a source of assitance to my collegues. I have also grasped the basic values of life that is 'caring' and 'sharing' the little ideologies we have.

As an inspirational writer Albert Schweitzer once said"The purpose of human life is to serve, and to show compassion and the will to help others."

Vinaka, Danyavaad and Thankyou. Laughing



Activity 3: Short Snippert on Gmail Usages

Activity 3 : Gmail as an Online Interactive Tool.

Gmail is an online tool used for social interaction,it involves a sender and a reciever.  Gmail is one of the pioneer email company that was established in 2004 as an 'invitation only' mailing website before it became available to the general public in 2007. As of today, there are more than 425 million users and according to Paul Buchheit (American gentlemen who created Gmail) stated that registered gmail users are drastically increasing everyday. This online interaction tool (Gmail) has boosted interaction of today's social life as it constantly upgrades its system to satisfy growing demands, i.e. the availability of messages in 57 different languages with an increase storage capacity offer of 1 GB per user. Hence it significantly increases the webmail standards of online users and holistically, enhances connectivity and boosts interaction between people.

The use of emails, particularly '' Gmails'' comes with numerous optimistics and pessimistics.

Advantages include the efficiency in transmission, whereby it is cheaper and faster compared to traditional post. Secondly, emails can be sent and received from any computer in the world aslong it has internet connectivity and thirdly, emails can be sent to one person or several people.

On the negative side, factors consisdered includes the prompt widespread of viruses when sent from one computer to another. Secondly, there is considerable high number of spam mails with todays ever increasing technological knowledge e.g junk mail and lastly, Phishing is constantly taking its toll in regards to economic gains i.e sending an email to a user falsely claiming to be a legitimate company to scam the user such as personal information and bank account numbers and later using the details to identify theft.

These are the dark sides of emails yet taking into account its positive aspects in regards to social interaction.

Source: https://www.google.com/search?q=Gmail&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a


Activity 3 : Reflection

Upon reflecting my journey while carrying out my activities on MAHARA and particularly Activity 3. I personally have been overwhelmed and privilleged to be assigned with such activities that are appealing and captivating.

Rough seas, steep mountains, sleepless nights and bumpy rides are what I describe my experiance while going through MAHARA, especially trying to complete all my assignments, but at the end of the day, it was all worth the struggle. Activity 3 required the research of a reliable online tool used for social interaction and finding its advantages and disadvantages in regards to social interaction.

Fortunately, the available web in school made my work easier as it enabled me to find a relevant social interaction tool (online) used on a daily basis by millions of people world wide. Hence, I was able to complete my activity 3 and avail my time for my other collegues who needed help on how to enhance their e - Porfolio page.

Therefore, we worked as a team and thus the benefits were shared equally. Through this action of team work, it made a huge difference at the end as we were able to fulfill all the requirements and submit for sighting.

From this experiance, I have learnt so many incredible aspects of MAHARA, and especially getting to do something totally different and unique. Iam blessed to be taking Sociology and I only wish if it continues. However, in everything, there is a beginning and an end. As we complete off this semester, Iam proud to say that  I have learnt, inspired, motivated, educated and uplifted the spirits and hearts of  my peers who were finding difficulties in compiling there work online.

In conclusion, e-Portfolio has opended doors of opportunities where I have learnt to be caring, helpfull, and most importantly to persevere and dedicated to what is essential in life. I strongly believe that we can become agents of change if people learn to appreciate the core values of life and to share the little ideologies we have for the benefits of others.

An inspirational proverbs states " A friend in need, is a friend indeed"

Hence, let us work together and continue living in unity.

Vinaka, Danyavaad, and Thankyou.Smile




Louisa Manueli
31 October 2013, 5:39 PM

Thanks  to  your  being  a dependable  peer, mentor  to  your  class  members..keep  on with  that  is 'precious'  you  have  found.

Best  for  your  future  oversease  studies.

Pita Tuisawau
03 March 2016, 5:41 PM

Awesome page and we can see a lot of thinking and hard work went into this. A big thank you to you and your teacher for a great e-portfolio that documents some of the interesting things that you learned on your journey.

Libby Tamanisaqa
25 February 2018, 1:16 PM

I really like your experience,reading through your eportfolio it really show,how much you dedicate through your work....really nice